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Below here you will see a table with all the interviews and the links to download the videos. The download links will appear once the interview has been released.

Released Interviews
Speaker Interview Title Date Download Link
Ciro Guerra It Is Your Dream You Must Follow It Saturday, April 10th Download
Michael-Leon Wooley Unspeakable Joy Sunday, April 11th Download
Eugenia Kuzmina The Past Monday, April 12th Download
Jason Gurvitz Always in the Process of Becoming Tuesday, April 13th Download
Keelin Clark What is the Legacy You Want to Leave Behind? Wednesday, April 14th Download
Alex Budin Identity: No Matter Where We Go There We Are Thursday, April 15th Download
Andrea Lewis Identity Cont'd. We Are Not Defined By Our Past Friday, April 16th Download
Jennifer DeLia Why Not Choose Love? Saturday, April 17th Download
Erman Baradi How to Be Your Best No Matter The Circumstances Sunday, April 18th Download
Olga Segura Believe It! Monday, April 19th Download
A'magine Sexual Empowerment Tuesday, April 20th Download
Rebecca Whitman The 7 Pillars of Abundance Wednesday, April 21st Download
Gustavo Sampaio It Comes Down To Story And Performance Thursday, April 22nd Download
Alison Robertson Where Is My Reflection Coming From? Friday, April 23rd Download
Brian Patacca Here’s Your “PERMISSION” Slip Saturday, April 24th Download
Shannon and Brent Davis The Kitchen Sink Play Sunday, April 25th Download
Anthony L. Gilardi We Are Story Tellers Monday, April 26th Download
Xander Schultz Passion Is The Key Tuesday, April 27th Download
Pierce Minor Leap And The Net Will Appear Wednesday, April 28th Download
PJ Raval Embracing Your Whole Self Thursday, April 29th Download
Patti Negri THIS Is What We Are Capable Of Friday, April 30th Download

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Speaker Interview Title Date Download Link