Holistic Life of the Creative!

10AM-1:15PM September 29th and 30th.

Are you grounded and in the 8 major components of your life?

What are the 8 major components of your life?

Well I am a believer that transformation, success and leadership begins with an acknowledgement of where you are in these areas.

Is your financial circumstance not what you want it to be or isn’t in support of who you want to be? Or is your environment contrdictive to your purpose?

Are your relationships strong and empowering or do you find that there is a lot of negativity, gossip, or complaining going on around you? The drama!

Do you want to have your next big transcendent moment to come quicker? Or are you waiting for it to just happen?

Do you feel or know that YOU are responsible and capable of going to the next level.

Let’s put aside the excuses, the pessimism and negativity and let me help you BE in your vision of what is possible for you.

Let’s write that book, script, build strong relationships, and finally be in responsibility of your life! You can transform
those things around you… I guarantee it.

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I’m bringing together 8 experts in the arenas of business, health, spirtuality, education, relationships, and we’re going offer you a strategy on how you can be in your biggest boldest and most powerful self.

Want results NOW!? Want to step it up? Join me and these 8 powerful speakers as we support you in taking the next step and get you into the leadership position you want to be in.


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Our Esteemed Experts Include :